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Luxemburg sub-funds

  • Fonditalia Bond Global Emerging Market
  • Fonditalia Bond Global High Yield
  • Fonditalia Bond High Yield Short Duration
  • Fonditalia Bond US PLUS
  • Fonditalia Constant Return
  • Fonditalia Core Bond
  • Fonditalia Credit Absolute Return
  • Fonditalia Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond
  • Fonditalia Euro Bond
  • Fonditalia Euro Bond Defensive
  • Fonditalia Euro Bond Long Term
  • Fonditalia Euro Corporate Bond
  • Fonditalia Euro Currency
  • Fonditalia Euro Yield Plus
  • Fonditalia Financial Credit Bond
  • Fonditalia Global Bond
  • Fonditalia Global Convertibles
  • Fonditalia Inflation Linked
  • Fonditalia Multi Credit Fund
  • Fonditalia Obiettivo 2022
  • Fonditalia Obiettivo 2023
  • Fonditalia Obiettivo Emergenti
  • Fonditalia Opportunities Diversified Income

Italian funds

  • Fideuram Rendimento
  • Fideuram Risparmio
  • Fideuram Risparmio Attivo

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