Balanced and flexible funds



Luxemburg sub-funds

  • Fonditalia Core 1
  • Fonditalia Core 2
  • Fonditalia Core 3

Italian funds

  • Fideuram Bilanciato
  • Piano Bilanciato Italia 30
  • Piano Bilanciato Italia 50

Luxemburg sub-funds

  • Fonditalia Allocation Risk Optimization
  • Fonditalia Crescita Protetta 80
  • Fonditalia Diversified Real Asset
  • Fonditalia Dynamic Allocation Multi-Asset (DAMA)
  • Fonditalia Dynamic New Allocation
  • Fonditalia Ethical Investment
  • Fonditalia Eurizon Collection 2023
  • Fonditalia Flexible Emerging Markets
  • Fonditalia Flexible Europe
  • Fonditalia Flexible Italy
  • Fonditalia Flexible Short Duration
  • Fonditalia Cross Asset Style Factor
  • Fonditalia Global Income
  • Fonditalia Income Mix
  • Ailis Blackrock Multi-Asset Income
  • Ailis Fidelity Flexible Low Volatility
  • Ailis Franklin Templeton Emerging Balanced
  • Ailis Invesco Income
  • Ailis Janus Anderson Global Active Opportunities
  • Ailis JPM Flexible Allocation
  • Ailis JPM Step-In Allocation
  • Ailis M&G Collection
  • Ailis Man Multi-asset
  • Ailis Muzinich Target 2025
  • Ailis Pictet Balanced Mutitrend
  • Ailis Pimco Target 2024
  • Ailis Shroeder Global Thematic
  • Ailis Vontobel Global Allocation


  • Fideuram Master Selection Equity Balanced


  • Fideuram Master Selection Equity Absolute Return

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