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Fideuram's Asset Management companies are appointed to the internal insurance products distributed by Banca Fideuram e Sanpaolo Invest's private bankers and provide advisory in the management of specific insurance product portfolios.

  • Fideuram Asset Management SGR manages the investment solutions of FV Futura, Fideuram Vita's Unit Linked policy (class III) insurance investment product.
  • Fideuram Asset Management SGR manages the internal Core fund named Fideuram Vita Insieme, Fideuram Vita's unit linked policy. Fideuram Vita Insieme is an insurance wrapper that allows to build a portfolio by selecting house or international fund managers' funds. Fideuram Asset Management SGR provides advisory also for the selection of a multibrand range available in Fideuram Vita Insieme.
  • Fideuram Asset Management Ireland manages Fideuram's pension fund of Fideuram Vita: an open pension fund divided into five parts, each having its specific management policy and risk profile, for full coverage of all pension requirements.
  • Fideuram Asset Management SGR manages the internal funds of Fideuram SUITE: Sanpaolo Life's unit linked policy. This product combines the flexibility of the Irish management to tax advantages usually reserved for traditional policies. The policy is broken down into 4 diversified management lines divided by level of maximum volatility and quantitative multi-strategy approach.
  • Fideuram Asset Management SGR provides consulting to Fideuram Vita for Financial Age Protection, an endowment insurance unit linked policy with return of premiums and Fideuram Grandi Patrimoni, a unit-linked policy specifically designed for asset exceeding 1 million Euros.
  • Fideuram Asset Management SGR provides consulting to Skandia Vita for the internal funds of the Personal Portfolio, Fideuram in Persona and Fideuram in Prima Persona private insurance policies, a unit linked whole-life assurance having three management lines by different risk profile, that allow to build a cut-to-fit portfolio by selecting the funds to invest in.

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