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Our Values


Responsible Investments

We strongly believe that economic growth and sustainability go hand in hand. For this reason we are actively involved in promoting and building an investment culture based on sustainability and responsibility. The asset management sector plays a decisive role in supporting the development of a sustainable business system, thereby helping to create long term value.

We are active and innovative in proposing solutions that take into account social and environmentally responsible criteria in the investment process. We are increasingly committed to place greater emphasis on such considerations.


We integrate ESG criteria in the investment process

ESG and SRI principles are applied to an increasingly wider range of products

Sustainable and Responsible Investment

Integration of sustainability risks in the investment decision making process and principal adverse impacts on sustainability factors

Integration of sustainability risks in the Remuneration and Incentive Policies
ESG products of:
Fideuram Asset Management SGR

ESG products of:
Fideuram Asset Management Ireland

Statement on principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

  PAI Annual Statement 2022