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Please be aware that Fideuram Asset Management Ireland Limited will never send email communications to current or perspective clients requiring to provide personal data or banking details.


If you have received an email with a similar content, it is a fraudulent attempt to collect sensitive data.

This type of scam may be referred to as a sort of "phishing".


How to recognize and protect yourself from phishing


Phishing and Online Frauds

Phishing is a type of online fraud that aims to capture customers’ confidential information and prompt them to carry out payments. In general, the scammer sends a fake letter to thousands of email addresses, pretending to be the Company and asking customers to (i) provide confidential information and (ii) carry out certain payments. After this first contact the scammer may send documents to the prospective customer with counterfeit Company’s logos. This kind of action constitutes online fraud.


How to recognise phishing and online frauds and protect yourself

Phishing attacks are initiated by sending fraudulent emails or documents that typically:


  • seem to come from the Company, as they have all the characteristics of emails or documents sent by the Company (logos, source address, etc.);
  • require confidential information to be entered for various reasons (technical problems, security reasons, ensuring continual access, etc.);
  • contain a link to a fake website controlled by the scammer to which to connect to for entering credentials; the fake website is often identical to the Company’s, but comes from a different address and typically does not have a valid digital certificate;
  • almost never contain information regarding the sender (first name, surname, address);
  • often contain grammatical errors, as they are generated by automatic translators.

To protect yourself from phishing attacks or online frauds just follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Don’t act on suspicious communications

Never act on emails, letters or phone calls that require you to input or communicate confidential information or carry out payments: our policies never require you to provide us online with your confidential information or carry out payments under any circumstances;

  • Notify immediately the Company

If you receive a suspicious email apparently sent by the Company, you must immediately contact our Compliance Officer, email: FAMICompliance@fideuramireland.ie, telephone: +353-1-6738000.