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Fideuram's Asset Management offers private bankers a range of products designed to cover a broad range of risk/yield profiles and ensure comprehensive diversification: equity, bonds, products specialized per geographical area, by management style and funds of funds. The range is constantly updated to meet the needs of the investors and adapt to the innovations in financial markets.

The range includes several investment classes, including those with distribution of income, hedge funds and Private or Institutional products.

Fonditalia, a traditional multi-fund established in 1967, was the first Luxemburg fund to be sold in Italy; its 37 segments stand as the core of the funds distributed by Banca Fideuram and Sanpaolo Invest's private bankers.

Fideuram Master Selection is a non-harmonised multi-portfolio Italian fund that invests in the key financial markets by means of an accurate selection of funds managed by the best known international names.

To complete the offer, the private bankers have another 5 Italian funds at their disposal.

Moreover, we manage two Luxemburg Interfund multi-portfolio Sicavs, comprising of 24 portfolios, which provide our fund managers a wide variety of investment solutions to build asset management and unit linked portfolios.


Advertising message. Before subscribing, please read the information sheet available in the private banker offices or the Fideuram branches.


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